Monday, June 7, 2010


I had one of those interviews today, where you walk in and you immediately know the place is really not for you. But you are already there, so you may as well go through with it. You go into the office, "Hi, I am here for the interview" but can't help thinking, "nope, not the place for me."

"Hi." "Here is a paper for you to fill out," even though I printed your resume which has all the same information, we will waste a few more trees anyway. Oh and Let me show you to this tiny little room, with terrible florescent lighting, an uncomfortable chair and absolutely nothing interesting to look at. Relax and get comfy, yeah right!

Upon handing back the paper, "ok, I will be right in to talk with you." But first, your resume reminded me to tell the secretary, loudly so you can hear, that the ad should say "must be multi-lingual."

"Hi." This is when I should have said, "you know, I am just going to go, I do not like you, you do not like me, let's never work together, shall we." :) But no, blah, blah, blah, yes please call in a week so we can tell you we hired someone else. Um, no thanks.

Thankfully, this was all after a fabulous interview, where I was told "let's go sit on the couch where it is more comfy." Thank you wonderful play-based child care center. Thank you.

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