Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jewelry Findings Organizer

This may have been done before, but I feel like a genius right now because it is working so well. I have always hated this spice rack on the counter, but I bought it, so I felt the need to try to use it. I almost always went for the spices in the cabinet rather then the rack, so it was essentially wasting counter space, which currently we are lacking, so it needed to go. Now, can it be re-purposed, or should it go to Goodwill so someone else can figure out a way to reuse it. Aha, I have a great idea...

I am so excited at how well this works. The site I order findings and beads from www.allseason.com puts everything in a little baggy with a sticker label noting size and price. The label was easy to take off and affix to the top or side of the jar. This is helpful since some findings are sterling silver and others are not. The flip open cover makes it so easy to get things out. I am so happy about this. My studio is so perfect to me right now and I just love it.

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